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Adult Art Show Opportunities
Association of
Grand Prairie Artists
Grand Prairie Arts Council - Annual Juried Art Show & Sale 2016
Best of Show - Raymond Wade, Safe

2013 Annual Juried Art Show & Sale Artists' Reception, The Grand Prairie Memorial Library

1st - Nancy Sanchez, Sevillana
2nd - Steve Miller, Autumn Music
3rd - Lynn LaRose, SoHo Lounge

1st - Iok-Hou Pang, Vagrant
2nd - Linda Chang, Portrait of an Unknown Man
3rd - Elisabeth Schalij, My Dutch Irises

1st - Iok-Kit Pang, Street game
2nd - U. Crosby, Cloth Weaver
3rd - Steve Danner, Slippers

1st - Peter Tunnell, Politicians
2nd - Jerry McKay, From Girls In Motion Series:
    Determination in Motion
3rd - Lonnie Brown, Gathering of Butterflies
1st - Ruben Contreras, Carolynn
2nd - Vivian Root, Flower Girl
3rd - Dawn Giddings, Engine 2

1st -  Donna Miller, Fish’n For Supper
2nd - Bob Fitch, Sunset Over Grand Prairie
3rd - Sue Banfield, Dimples

Mixed Media
1st - Teresa Foster, New Orleans Boys
2nd - Heidi Tournoux-Hanshaw, 
      A Mother’s Mantra
3rd - Sergio Turrubiartes, Sleeping Lions

1st - Deborah Mushock, Bow Head
2nd - Kelly Beebe, Set in Motion for More
3rd - Shirley Danner, Right Angles

2014 Annual Juried Art Show & Sale Artists' Reception, The Summit Lobby Art Gallery
 in Prize Money Awarded:
Best of Show - $400
1st Place - $150 each
2nd Place - $100 each
3rd Place - $75 each
2016 Annual Juried Art Show & Sale Artists' Reception, The Uptown Theater, Lobby Art Gallery