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Grand Prairie Arts Council's 
2021 1st  Annual Photography Contest
Sponsored by 
The Association of Grand Prairie Artists
April 1 - June 30, 2021
online gallery viewing only
To purchase a photo from the photographer, reach out to GPAC (Contact GPAC button above) and we will put you in contact with the photographer.
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Photography Contest and Gallery. 
Gallery Below

Winners are as follows:

Best of Show:     Frank Richards - Shiprock under Milky Way

Open Category:
          1st Place: Danny Pickens - Feeding Time               2nd Place: Larry Petterborg - Silver Back                       3rd Place: Gary Kelly - Night Train
Fine Art
          1st Place: Brad Barton - Guardians of the Wood     2nd Place: Frank Richards - Anatomy of an Artichoke     3rd Place: Leslie Dye - Rusty Night
          1st Place: Frank Richards - Honest Work                2nd Place: Gary Kelly - Mr. Detan                                    3rd Place: Larry Golden - Comfort
          1st Place: Christopher Chastain - Taking a Knee     2nd Place: Frank Richards - Not a Fair Fight                   3rd Place: Danny Pickens - First Lesson