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We are pleased to announce the cast of Cinderella Enchanted

Our first meeting/Read Thru will be Monday, December 20th at 7pm.  Please wear a face covering/mask.
Children will not need to be at this meeting.

Rehearsals will begin Monday, January 3rd @ 7pm.  at the Vet Center (where auditions were held)
      all will wear masks at the rehearsals.

We want to thank all the talented people for auditioning and hope you return for another show in 2022. 

Performance Dates/Time: 
Friday,       Feb. 18     8 pm             Friday,      Feb. 25   8 pm
Saturday,  Feb. 19      8 pm            Saturday,  Feb  26   2 pm & 8 pm
Sunday,    Feb. 20      2 pm            Sunday,     Feb. 27   2 pm

Danielle Leonard - Cinderella
Joseph Vondra - Christopher
Mary Stulsas - Fairy Godmother
Titus Glenn - King
Denise Jasper - Queen
Rickie Jones - Lionel
Nina Auburn - Grace
Taylor O. Veer - Stepmother
Baily Lund - Joy
Clare Burdert - Dove/Featured Dancer
Meghan Maclellan - Ensemble/Dance Capt/Joy U/S
Breanna Cox - Ensemble/Cinderella U/S
Tamara Stevens - Ensemble/Fairy Godmother U/S
Rockell Robinson - Ensemble
Cole Lucas - Butcher/Featured ensemble/Lionel U/S
Linda Meyer - Ensemble/Step Mother U/S
Jennifer Blakely - Ensemble Queen U/S
Aziza Benjamin - Ensemble 

Feliciti Ziebarth - Ensemble
Preston Dolezal - Mouse
Penelope Gazsi - Mouse
Sahara Lutke - Flower Girl
Roman Lutke - Charles