We are extremely excited to post the cast for :
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*    GPAC would like to thank each of you for your time auditioning for Elf.  There were many very talented people who auditioned and some of the choices were extremely hard to make.  

Artistic Director - Joshua Sherman
Musical Director - Shane Hurst
Choreographer - Joshua Sherman
Stage Manager - Jourdain Blanco
Costume Design - Faith Cheeseman
Lighting Design - Holli Price
Sound Design - Ryan Brazil
Set Design - Matt Betz
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Wanda - Essence Chicoine

Pattie -  Jennise Streaty

Alison - Alexis Berry 

Laura - Avery Carlisle

Jasmine - Hanna Green

Gina - Rachale Ramos Roach

Understudy - Jennifer Pernell-Blakely
We are sorry for any mis-spelled names.    We will correct them at the first meeting.

Reminder:  Mandatory meeting/rehearsal MONDAY, December 5, 7:00 PM at  Veteran's Center (same place as auditions)

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The Cast of 
We are very excited to announce the cast of
Beehive the 60's Musical
We would like to thank all those who auditioned for a role in Beehive.   
There were only 6 roles and it was a tought decision to pick the Best of the Best.  
We hope you will return for future GPAC shows/Auditions.