We are extremely excited to post the cast for :
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*    GPAC would like to thank each of you for your time auditioning for Elf.  There were many very talented people who auditioned and some of the choices were extremely hard to make.  
Artistic Director: Mallory Roelke
Stage Manager: Ruby Pullum
Music Director:  Patricia Bedford
Pianist:              Taiko Pelick
Choreographer: Austin Ray Beck
Set Design:        Matt Betz
Set Build:           Matt Betz, 
                            Dave Crittenden,
                              and Cindi Brickett
Costumer:          Eric Criner
Sound Design:   Ryan Bazil
Lighting Design: Holli Price 
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  Buddy: Cameron Hall
  Jovie/Featured Dancer: Paige Walker & Kayla Starr Bryan
  Walter Hobbs: Joshua Hawkins
  Emily Hobbs: Aracelli Radillo: 
  Manager: Darrion Dockins
  Mr. Greenway/Police officer/Santa Understudy: Ben Cockrell
  Santa Claus/ Mr. Greenway Understudy: Billy Veer
  Chadwick: Jason English
  Matthews: Cole Lucas
  Deb: Mary Stulsas

Cole Casey (Buddy US/Walter US)
Victoria Hess (mom/Ice skater/Emily understudy)
Bailey Lund (Charlotte)
Taylor Veer (Security/Mrs. Claus/security guard)
Karen Sims (security guard/Salvation Army Lady)
Emma Brett (Sam)
Kelly Dolezal (perfume girl)
Joseph Vondra (Fake Santa/Ice skater)
Russell Bridges (police officer/Vendor)
Monica Lockwood-(Charlotte Understudy)
Abby Rosenthal (Deb Understudy)
Roxi Taylor (Dance Captain/Ensemble/ ice skater/ Sarah)


  * Sophia Coscio-Michelle Hobbs
  * Rusten Bridges-Charlie
  * Emily Cedeño-Tiara /Michelle Understudy
  * Penelope Gazsi- ensemble/ ice skater/ Tiara Understudy
  * Allyson Teubner-Ensemble
  * Emmalyn Reeves -Ensemble
  * Jude Gazsi- Video Game kid
  * Anna Toney -Ensemble

We are sorry for any mis-spelled names
We will correct them at the first meeting.

Reminder:  Mandatory meeting/rehearsal MONDAY, October 11, 7:00 PM at  Veteran's Center (same place as auditions)

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The Cast of 
We are very excited to announce the cast of Elf