We are extremely excited to post the cast for :
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Director: Nathan Erwin-Hall 
Stage Manager: Nicole Lugar 
Music Director: Kristin Spires
      (with Live Orchestra)
Choreographer: Austin Ray Beck
Set Design & Build: Matt Betz
Costumer: Nathan Erwin-Hall
Lighting and Sound:   Studio 147
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Donna -  Kristin Spires
Sophie - Erin Flippo
Sam -  Todd Camp
Harry - Lon Barrera
Bill - Chris Edwards
Sky - Austin Ray Beck
Tanya - Michelle Phillips
Rosie - Sherry Etzel
Lisa - Briana Berk
Ali - Haley White
Pepper - Aaron Cummings
Eddie - Jared Kyle
Father Alexandrios - Brian Blythe

Vanessa Anders
Brian Blythe
Ana Coca
Hannah Hackley
Michael Hasty
Christina Keil
Tera May
Kate McGehee
Kristi Lee Smith
Victor Valle
Danny Vanegas
Bailey Venable
Paige Walker
*    GPAC would like to thank each of you for your time Auditioning for Mamma Mia.  There were many very talented people who auditioned and some of the choices were hard to make.  

*   GPAC hopes you will continue to watch for upcoming auditions with GPAC.  
Again Thank you for sharing your time and talent.