We are extremely excited to post the cast for :
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Artistic Director -Mallory Roelke
Musical Director - Ian Mead Moore
Musical Director - Devon Harper 
Choreographer - Camille Russo
Stage Manager -  Chris Medina
Asst Stage Mgr -  Jason English
Costume Design - Hope Cox
Asst Constumer - Effie Fox
Lighting Design - Kyle Harris
Sound Design - Ryan Brazil
Set Design - Matt Betz
Projection Designs - Mallory Roelke
Prop Designer - Taylor O. Veer
Children's Coordinator - Monica Raymond
Intimacy/fight Coordinator - Carlo J. Aceytuno
Projection Tech - Randy Gamez
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Dewey Finn - Robert Escamilla,    U/S Julian Arredondo  
Rosalee Mullins - Rebecca Miller,     U/S Asaysha Mckenzee Hearns
Ned Schneebly -  Spencer Bovaird,     U/S Garrison Roller
Patti Di Marco - Leslie Navarro,     U/S Taylor D. Williams
Zack - Reece Turley,     U/S Jack Smith
Katie - Molly Minyard,     U/S (Kade)  Jack Smith
Lawrence - Preston Dolezal,     U/S Jonah Dolezal
Freddy - Drake Tillery
Summer - Amrynn Wood,     U/S Penelope Gazsi
Tomika - Lexi Rene,     U/S Sadie Contreras
Marcy - Penelope Gazsi
Mason - Jonah Dolesal
Shonelle - Sadie Contreras
James - Jack Smith
Billy - Brayden Ross-Istok
Sophie - Kira Trees
Theo + Ensemble - Julian Arredondo
Jeff + Ensemble - Nathan Smith

                           Featured Dancers + Ensemble

Leslie Navarro
Jessica Gazsi
Meghan MacLellan (Dance Captain)
Julian Arredondo

                                    Adult Ensemble

Erica Erives
Sara Maslowski
Kristin Conrad
M. Shane Hurst
We are sorry for any mis-spelled names.    We will correct them at the first meeting.
Reminder:  Mandatory meeting/rehearsal MONDAY, April 10, 7:00 PM at  
The Veteran's Event Center (This is where auditions were held).... 925 Conover Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75051 
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The Cast of 
We are very excited to announce the cast of
School of Rock The Musical
We would like to thank all those who auditioned for a role in School of Rock The Musical. 
There were so many talented people the choices were not easy.  
We hope you will return for future GPAC shows/Auditions.

The Grand Prairie Arts Council is an organization that provides quality entertainment for the citizens of our city. We strive to provide a safe performing space for our artists, including those of color.

We will continue to make it our goal to cast our shows to reflect our diverse community which we serve, so their stories can be heard and their artwork admired by all.

Our doors are always open and we invite our community members to sign up for auditions, attend a production or concert, submit their art for our juried art show or take part in our children's programming.
Equality in the Arts
Equality in the Arts
Joseph Vondra
Chelsea Schmidt
Bridget Anderson
Asaysha Mckenzee Hearns
Cole Lucas
Taylor D. Willimas
Taylor O. Veer
Kelly Dolezal
Garrison Roller