We are extremely excited to post the cast for :
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Artistic Director: Denise Rodrigue
Asst. Director:    Mallory Roelke
Stage Manager: Amy Cockrum 
Music Director:  Taiko Pelick/Patricia Bedford
Choreographer: Lauren Raymond, 
                          Eric Criner, Monica Raymond
Set Design:       Matt Betz
Set Build:          Matt, Robbye, Cindy, Dave 
Costumer:         Eric Criner
Sound Design:  Mark Howard
Lighting Design:TBD
*    GPAC would like to thank each of you for your time auditioning for Peter Pan.  There were many very talented people who auditioned and some of the choices were extremely hard to make.  
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We are sorry for any mis-spelled names
We will correct them at the first meeting.
Jeff Cockrum 
Taylor Cockrum 
Kyleigh Knight 
​Principles Roles

PETER- Mallory Roelke
WENDY - Jesse Martinez
JOHN - Noah Diggs
MICHAEL - Eric Hilsinger
NANA - Colton Ziegler
MRS. DARLING - Rachael Blizzard
MR. DARLING - Randy Gamez
CAPTAIN HOOK - Aaron Knight
SMEE - Eric Criner 
TIGER LILY- Hailey Good 
SLIGHTLY - Kydiel Tirado
TOOTLES - Roman Perez
CURLY - Rusten Bridges
NIBS - Jackson Villanueva
TWIN 1 - Lawrence Castro 
TWIN 2 - Prince Rafael 
STARKEY - Emmanuel Colon-Nieves
CECCO - Jonathan Oefelein
NOODLER - Roger Cedeno 
MULLINS - Crystal Ziegler 
JUKES - Karen Sims
JANE - Lauren Raymond 

Reminder:  Mandatory meeting/rehearsal MONDAY, OCTOBER 14, 7:00 PM at  Veteran's Center
                                      Send an  Accept or Decline by sending an email  to [email protected]
Brayden Ogier 
Eva Marin 
Kristin Lee 
Reese Perry 
Caitlyn Ziegler 
Ashlyn Williams 
Emily Cedeno 
Diana Benoit
Janeth Gonzales 
Isabella Flaherty 
Zoey Robinson 
Sofia Garza
Sydney Pitts
Katie Newell
Carly Sims 
Rylie Carrington 
Molly Grace Chakery 
Zoey Gamez 
Hannah Edmond 
Chloe Castillo 

Lorelai Issokson 
Kyndall Carrington 
Lily Gamez 
Emmalyn Reeves 
Peyton Carney