(answers from the last posting)

Do you know what show the Character Elle Woods goes to Harvard?

Answer:  Legally Blonde


Do you know what kept appearing on a platter in the Play "Noises Off"?

Answer:   Sardines

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Calendar Girls - 2017             (click on pictures below to view larger)  
Miracle on 34th Street - 2009                (click on pictures below to view larger)  

                                                                                                            Hello Dolly                   Rumors    
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  > Hello Dolly - 2011
  > Rumors - 2014

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Do you know who Played the roll of Dolly Gallagher Levi in GPAC's Production of Hello Dolly 2011? 

Music Director for Multiple shows at GPAC (Mamma Mia, Little Shop of Horrors, Legally Blonde to name a few)

Do you know what Play that GPAC produced in 2014, had 3 Acts, was first produced in 1982 and is considered a Comedy Farce?

Do you remember when?
Follow this week to week and see what GPAC has done over the last 12 years
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Do you know?
Do you know?
Look and see?
Sussical the Musical - 2012   (click on pictures below to view larger)  
The Odd Couple, Female Version - 2010                                    (click on pictures below to view larger)  
Answers will be in the next issue.