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Adult Art Show Opportunities
Grand Prairie Arts Council - Annual Juried Art Show & Sale 2018
Best of Show - Ruben Contreras, Elizabeth

1st Place - Karen Cox, Stevie
2nd Place - Barbara Hagle, Inner Beauty
3rd Place - Lynn Larose, 
        Remington Standard #12

1st Place - Iok-Hou Pang, Serenity
2nd Place - Alice Clark-Hoener, Doctor Z
3rd Place - Elisabeth Schalij, Eye of the Wave

1st Place - Justin Simmons, Where are you Adam?
2nd Place - Steve Danner, Reflecting Rocks
3rd Place - Van Hutchinson, Waving at the Storm

1st Place - Steve Miller, Weathered
2nd Place - Ruben Contreras, Arleen
3rd Place - Dawn Giddings, 
        Grand Prairie Water Tower

1st Place - Donna Miller, Shattered Dreams
2nd Place - Bob Fitch, Potter Hands
3rd Place - Cathy Stein, 
        Galapagos Moonlight Tryptic

Photography (Enhanced)
1st Place - Brad Barton, Dive Deep
2nd Place - Karen ShieldsSmith, 
        African Queen Series 1
3rd Place - Lonnie Brown, 
        Portrait of Oceanside Harbor

Mixed Media
1st Place - Heidi Tournoux, Eldorado Canyon
2nd Place - Laurieann Dygowski, Grooming
3rd Place - Ruda Anderson, Divergent

1st Place - Craig Hall, Diamondback 
2nd Place - Jeffrey Hess, Multi wood Bowl
3rd Place - Kay Rossenwasser, Nautilus
2014 Annual Juried Art Show & Sale Artists' Reception, The Summit Lobby Art Gallery
 in Prize Money Awarded:
Best of Show - $300
1st Place - $150 each
2nd Place - $125 each
3rd Place - $75 each
2016 Annual Juried Art Show & Sale Artists' Reception, The Uptown Theater, Lobby Art Gallery
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